the default template

The default template of the w3easy cms already comes with a wide range of possibilities. The template width though is always 868 pixel plus the border if you decide to have a border around.


You can establish one, two or no sidebar(s).
If you choose 2 sidebars you can set the sidebar width to 125, 160 or 200 pixel. In the one- sidebar- variant (i.e. a template with a main content area and one sidebar either to the left or to the right) you can also set up a sidebar width of 250, 300 or even 336 pixel.

Top and Bottom Area

At the top you may arrange up to 3 horizontal areas, where you can put the header, the top navigation and the breadcrumb line or anything else. Also at the bottom you have up to 3 areas to put in all you want to have in your footer.

Centered Template

Moreover you can have your template vertically and horizontally centered with a total hight of 550 pixel. However consider that in this case there is (at least up to now) only one bottom area.


All the template variants are ready to be used on each page of your website by applying the respective settings, and it is nevertheless just one template file. But keep in mind, that generally a consistent website design is recommended...

Certainly you can adjust the colours and all other design elements to your needs and as you like in the .css files.

And if all this is not enough for you, then why not modify the layout or set up a template of your own? Just do it and add some php that you will find in the default template to have a template of your own!

Last edit: 2012-08-06 ⊗ 15:11

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