W3easy Goes Responsive


Here we are: Welcome to my * improved * first attempt related to responsive web design. Mainly HTML, CSS and PHP, aug­mented with a pinch of JavaScript. Finally I even added some design (pure & basic - as usual...;)!

Well, maybe not yet perfect, but at least a good appetizer. For sure we will go along this way...

Read more about the w3easy responsive way on the following pages in this chapter.


Let's see:


Vary your browser window's width and look what happens.

It works! Resizing images seems to be no problem.

2 easy...

Don't forget to close your jaws ;)


Below a flash game example. Let's resize it!

Table Hockey Game hosted by fangdaslicht.net

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Also videos are resizable using some simple css tricks.

As it is said, responsive web design will be the future of web sites and thus it should be the future of the w3easyCMS, too.

Ok, concerning MSIE you need at least version 9. And not all mobiles and tablets understand the media queries so far...

As it seems, there is still a lot of work to do...