Responsive 2 Columns Template

Bid My Blood to Run


The two columns template is my favourite one and it should be the main template of the respon­sive w3easyCMS. For sure you can have the sidebar either on the left or on the right.

Last edit: 2018-02-25 ⊗ 19:50

w3easy News

Lately there were 2 more websites based on the w3easyCMS, that I built up and published: my personal weblog neuland and a web­site about the legend of Al Maree with a TV program of it's own ;).

w3easy against War Propaganda in German Media

I am not a poltician, but in these times of war hysteria and propaganda I feel the urge to put it straight, that I condemn strongly war propaganda in German media and aggressive actions or speeches of German politicans. I am quite sure, that I share this opinion with many civilists in my country.