High Five

Responsive 3 Columns Template with LeaderBox and a Big Bottom

Gimme 5

This is a 3 columns template again with a leader box and a bottom box added so that altogether you have 5 content areas.

As navigation menu we used this time the combined top-side navigation meaning that in wide screen mode the 1. level navigation menu links are stored at the top while the 2. and 3. level links of the navigation menu are stored in a sidebar either on the left or on the right.

Btw: As you can see, it is also possible to have the top navigation menu at the very top.

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Last edit: 2013-10-04 ⊗ 07:08


Lately there were 2 more websites based on the w3easyCMS, that I built up and published: my personal weblog neuland and a web­site about the legend of Al Maree with a TV program of it's own ;).

w3easy against War Propaganda in German Media

I am not a poltician, but in these times of war hysteria and propaganda I feel the urge to put it straight, that I condemn strongly war propaganda in German media and aggressive actions or speeches of German politicans. I am quite sure, that I share this opinion with many civilists in my country.

Currently the w3easy project is halted. Concerning the future there are no decisions made. Thanks for your interest and company.