Responsive Web Design

Media Queries, Images

Using the nice media queries I recently came to know, it is not a big thing to adjust the page dimensions in responsive mode to a size that fits to the respective screen or device. As you can see on some pages in the responsive section, also images do not cause problems.

Certainly you can also do something with the font size, but for now I abstain from this and I am not sure that it is really necessary at all.


Video and Flash

Even videos are easily displayed in the responsive way, and Flash can be made responsive f.e. with the nics FitVids JavaScript.



Scripts and applications that are visible to the user like the contact form or the comment function have to be adjusted to narrow screens concerning the layout structure defined by html as well as by styles. As it seems now, the current image and video galleries used by the w3easyCMS will not suit to responsive designs. They have to be rebuilt or even replaced  This is not really a pleasure I'm looking forward, and it will take time, but it should work.

The admin scripts I will not touch atm. Also in the future I will build up my sites on a desktop. You should be able to use these tools also on mobiles, but with little comfort and pleasure...

The navigation definitely was a problem. Long times ago..;)

Read more about the responsive navigation menus.

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Lately there were 2 more websites based on the w3easyCMS, that I built up and published: my personal weblog neuland and a web­site about the legend of Al Maree with a TV program of it's own ;).

w3easy against War Propaganda in German Media

I am not a poltician, but in these times of war hysteria and propaganda I feel the urge to put it straight, that I condemn strongly war propaganda in German media and aggressive actions or speeches of German politicans. I am quite sure, that I share this opinion with many civilists in my country.

Currently the w3easy project is halted. Concerning the future there are no decisions made. Thanks for your interest and company.