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The w3easy Online Counter Script (w3easyOC) counts unique visitors of your site within a specific period, always ending at the actual moment. That way the script gives you - and if you like, also your visitors - a good overview about the actual traffic on your site.

The period is adjustable from 1 minute to any number of minutes, so that you may count the traffic f.e. within the last 5 min, the last 60 min or even the last 24 hours or more.

Within the specified period the access of every IP is counted, but only one access per IP, so that you get the number of the unique visitors, but not the number, how often a page was accessed.

You can place the output anywhere on your site and adjust it to your needs, but you are not forced to display the number of unique visitors at all.

The w3easy Online Counter is licensed under the GPL3 or MIT license at your choice. This means i.a., you can use it for free, but we give no warranties at all.

Below is an example of the w3easyOC display.
Another one is somewhat hidden on the startpage. Did you detect it?

online: 6 visitors

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