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The w3easyNews module lets you compose and edit your site news easily online.
For not to be disappointed, please note: There is no wysiwyg editor included, so you need some basic html. But not that much: It's enough to put your news title and news text in html tags like this:

<h3>News Title</h3>
<p>News text</p>
image:      <img src='' alt='' title='' width='' height=''>
link:       <a href='LINK-URL'>linktext</a>
line break: <br>

We improved the script. The script will create a directory, that contains the news files. Furthermore the script will create a source file ('source.inc.txt'), where the news are written and stored, an output file ('archive.inc.txt') to publish and display the news dynamically (new!) and last but not least 2 output files to alternatively display the news resp. the archive statically.

w3easyNews The main new function is the possibility to display the news archive dynamically. Now you not only have the possibility to specify the total number of news that shall be displayed in the archive but also to specify the max number of news items that shall be displayed per page, i.e. the script will set up and dynamically divide the archive in as many pages as needed to display a reasonable amount of news items per page. That way there is no need anymore to set up a new page manually to reduce the number of displayed news items per page. An example of the dynamically displayed archive you can find on the DevLog page.

Also the w3easyNews configuration settings are comfortably administered online.

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