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February 2012
As of now the w3easyCMS is prepared to comfortably integrate multimedia files by some handpicked open source applications. Luckily we found some tools providing more beautiful features than we dared to think about.


On one of the following pages we have set up an example of the Flowplayer, an advanced FLV and Flash player. This tool enables you to display videos on your site that are stored on your own webspace.

We also could not resist to build up a page with an image resp. photo gallery. For this purpose we decided to use the nice Galleria module. It has a wide range of setting options to adjust the photo show to your needs.

For to have some music with the show we used - no question - the Easy Music Player For Flash (EMFF player)...;).

For sure we don't want you to miss the possibility to enhance your favourite pictures on your site. For this purpose we recommend the original, that is Lokesh Dhakar's lovely » lightbox2 script. You'll find the script in action f.e. at the showcase section.

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