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List of External Modules

PostPosted: 01.08.2012 13:49
by admin
Up to now the following applications are either already integrated in the w3easyCMS or an (easy!) integration is prepared:

External applications in the 'root/modules' folder:
- EMFF Player 0.5.8 (License: GPL 3)
- Flowplayer 3.2.7 (License: GPL 3)
- Galleria 1.2.6 (License: MIT)
- jquery-1.7.1.min.js (License: MIT, GPL)
- Lightbox JS v.2.51 (License: 'completely free to use')
- PHP Web Stat 4.3 (License: GPL 3)
- Share (iBeginShare) 2.6 ('free of charge', own licence)

External applications in the '/w3e/admin/w3easyAdmin/modules/' folder:
- CKEditor 3.6.1 (License: GPL 3, MIT or commercial at your choice)
- KCFinder 2.51 2010-08-25 (License: GPLv2 & LGPLv2)
- JSrypt version from 2005, modified by in 2012 (License: Public Domain)
- PHFTP 4.2 (License: GPL 3)

Sure you could try to integrate the actual versions of these applications, but be aware, that there might have changed something so that the integration might not be the same as before.