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(C) 2011/2012 Joachim Haack, http://w3easy.org

PHP 5 (maybe also PHP 4 will do)
NO DATABASE required.

With the w3easyNewPage script you can create new pages for your w3easyCMS.
A Page of the w3easyCMS consists of at least 2 files: The main page file and the page-settings file. To be able to add and edit individual content in the middle content area with a wysiwyg editor you need another file, the middle (content) file. To add also individual content to the sidebars you need a left and a right content file. All these up to 5 files can be created with the easyNewSite tool within a second.
If you need more content files (see w3easyCMS documentation) you have to create them manually.

First unpack and then upload the script folder to your webspace. Make sure that only you have access to the scriptfolder (I'd recommend htaccess directory protection using our w3easyProtect script). Make sure that you have permission to edit the config file (depending on your server settings chmod file to 0666, 0664 or 0644 if necessary.)

Open the index.php and submit the form with checked 'show config' radio button.
Have a look at the config settings.

General Settings:
1. Specify the path from the 3easyNewPage directory to the root directory
2. Specify the path from the 3easyNewPage directory to your admin page (if it exists).
3. Leave the 3. entry as it is (false).
Explanation: If set to 'false', it means, that the page setting files are in the /content/page-settings/ folder as it is default in the actual w3easyCMS version. If set to 'true', the page settings files are littered in the root resp. in the subfolders. This is not recommended anymore.
4. Specify the content file extension
5. Specify the charset.

Paths Settings:
Now concentrate and specify the correct path to some directories resp. folders.
1. Define the path from the root to the root.
(Well ok, this setting looks funny. But let me explain: Generally you should always leave the value blanc, because there is no path from the root to the root. The reason for this setting is the following: For testing purpose you can define a test root folder, so if you want to try the script, you might define your test root here.)
2. Define the path from the root to the page-settings-folder.
3. Define the path from the root to the (content) pagees folder.

Source files and destination folders Settings:
In the source files (prototype files) section you have to define the paths from the w3easyNewPage folder to the source files (prototype files).
In the sub-folder section you only have to insert the names of the sub-folders (without trailing slash).
In the sub-sub-folder section you only have to insert the name of the sub-sub-folders (without trailing slash).

Do not forget to save your settings by submitting the form with checked 'edit config' radio button.

Select a source file (example file)
specify the name of the new file (main file)
Specify the sub-folder and the sub-sub-folder names, if needed.
Check the boxes for the needed content files.
Do not forget to check the radio button for creating a new file.

If everything is prepared, press the 'submit' button and the files you selected will be created at once.
If the subfolder or the subsubfolder does not exist, it also will be created.

That's it!

Have fun and take it w3easy...
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