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(C) 2011 Joachim Haack, http://w3easy.org

GNU General Public License, Version 3

PHP 5, (maybe also PHP 4 will do), NO DATABASE required.

The w3easyLogs script records the access to any page of your site that has the script included, and stores the data in logfiles. Each logfile stores the data of one day of the month.
Records of the previous month are overwritten by records of the current month so that you will never have more than 31 logfiles on your server.

Logfile Links Display
You may show links to the logfiles in your admin area. To use this option, the function 'logfile_links ($path_to_logfiles, $day, $all_or_active)' is used. Study the source code if you want to know how to provide it.
Note, that with the setting '$all_or_active = "active";' only links to existing logfiles will be displayed. With the setting '$all_or_active = "all";' all possible links to logfiles will be displayed, even if the logfile not yet exists.

Upload the unpacked script folder to your webspace. Make sure that only you have access to the scriptfolder
(I'd recommend htaccess directory protection using our w3easyProtect script...;).
Make sure that you have permission to edit the 'config.php'. Chmod file to 664 should do, elsewise try 666.
Make also sure that you have permission to create files in the folder 'w3easyLogs/logs/'. Chmod folder to 775 should do, elsewise try 777.

On each page you want to have logged, you have to do the following:
1. Specify the path to the w3easyLogs sript folder.
2. Include the w3easyLogs/logfile.php.

Code: Select all
$path_to_logfiles = "YOUR/PATH/w3easyLogs/";

Do it exactly as described in the example, but use the correct path.
If you use a (kind of) cms with one or few template(s), you should only have to include the script into the template(s), but make sure, that the path is true for all pages that use the template, also for the pages that are in subfolders!

In the config.php you specify the log items you want to have logged.
Moreover there you may set how the logfile link will be displayed.

Have fun and take it w3easy!
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