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CKEditor Question

Postby texasbiz » 26.12.2012 20:25

Greetings Admin!

Quick question before I close for the afternoon:

The CKEditor is wrapping images in <p> tags. Like to disable this.

Do you have the CKEditor using the config.js file or do you do the config on page when editor loads?

Ask this after researching on CK forums.

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Re: CKEditor Question

Postby admin » 26.12.2012 20:44

I made a special config.js file for the ckeditor called 'w3eA_cke_cfg.js' located in the 'w3easyAdmin/modules/' folder. Maybe you can specify the requested settings there (but I am not an expert in ckeditor), this I' like better than to change the original file.
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