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Our aim is not at all to program everything from the scratch. Just some core functions of the w3easy cms and some specials we felt for various reasons the need (or the longing...;) to do.

We are very happy, that there are already some useful advanced open source tools, scripts or moduls that we may recommend. We will prepare the w3easy cms for the integration of these programs indicated below. To have a closer look on or to get an impression of them just follow the respective link.


For to be our online wysiwyg editor we have choosen the CKEditor, surely one of the most advanced and recommended open source online wysiwyg editors that can be found in the world wide web. We integrated the CKEditor in our w3easyAdmin tool. » CKEditor

For the 'CKEditor' doesn't come with a built-in file manager, we integrated the 'KCFinder'. This nice web file manager makes it easy to upload or add images and flash files in the wysiwyg mode. Additionally we installed the KCFinder standalone for browsing or uploading content files to the upload directory. » KCFinder

Depending on the server settings in some cases it is not possible to chmode files or folders using the editor script. To keep the system completely independent and accessible from any pc all over the world therefore we need an online FTP program. And - what shall I say: Finally I found PHFTP by Andreas Mehrrath, a lightweighted but well featured Web FTP Manager written in PHP. Sure I took it at once from sourceforge.net. ...;)

The statistics module will be a solid PHP Web Stat script. It's first version was developed in 2003 and I've already been using it for years in some other projects.

As the social sharing and bookmarking tool we like most the 'share' or 'iBeginShare' script made by » enthropia labs. This tool will not send any data anywhere but all data will remain under the control of the webmaster. You'll find the share button on all (or most of) our pages on the top right.

To offer the possibility to store sensible data secure on your server, we furthermore integrated John Walkers » JavaScrypt, a browser- based text encryption tool.

To fix some display issues concerning older versions of the internet explorer we use the "hover script" by Peter Nederlof and Angus Turnbull's "iepngfix behavior".

The external multimedia applications you'll find in the multimedia section.

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