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Meanwhile we developed the w3easyAdmin based on the w3easyEditor. The w3easyAdmin includes the functions the w3easyEditor provides plus some more features like a wysiwyg editor and a backup functionality. You should add the w3easyAdmin to your toolbox or replace the w3easyEditor by the w3easyAdmin if you want to use the backup and the wysiwyg functions.
(see => w3easyAdmin).

The w3easyEditor is quite a powerful file editor, so we should better call it 'heavy editor'...;).
It not only edits files containing the content, but literally all files of your site, also those comprehending code (but except those including a textarea). This way you should always handle it with care, otherwise you could ruin your site in a fraction of a second...

file editor and folder manager The w3easyEditor is coincidentally a basic file and folder manager that lets you create or delete files and folders and also copy or rename files, too. Therefore a file and folder viewer is included, so that you will always keep a good overview about the architecture of your site.

Moreover with the w3easyEditor you may execute file uploads.

To make the editing more easy there is an optional window showing some basic html tags to help you building up the html code by using copy and paste and also an optional preview that displays your work in progress. I also tried to add a function to chmod files and folders - and finally it works!!! ;).

Additionally I even added an option to change the skin between the corporate w3easyCMS design and the former original ('blue jeans') design.
You won't nag about design, will you?

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