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Last update: 2013-08-15

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Free Scripts

The w3easyCMS is published as an alpha version and the main w3easyTools are quite complete so we decided to release them.

Note, that the scripts are still alpha or beta versions. Note also, that all scripts are licensed under the General Public License or the MIT License. This means inter alia, that you may use them for free, but we give no warranties at all!

We offer the following scripts for download:

Our free scripts are sponsored by my personal webdesign undertaking, the w3nord internet agency. You can download them on it's facebook fanpage.

Besides you can download the scripts from the w3easy facebook fanpage.

Alternatively or if you are not a facebook member you can download the scripts as a registered user of the w3easy forums.

The w3easyCMS * (but not yet the responsive version) can be downloaded by registered users of the w3easy forums. You'll find the download links in the forum when logged in.
There you can also get the w3easyCMS and the w3easyAdmin tool with the external modules already included (except the php web stats).

* The external applications integration is already prepared, but the applications have to be downloaded and added and some configuration settings have to be adjusted by yourself.


Last edit: 2014-03-03 ⊗ 23:35

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