Web Directory Protection

It's not that hard to set up a folder protection on the Apache server manually, but it takes time and the more often you have to do it the more it becomes annoying. Till this day: From now on the w3easyProtect script enables you to protect any folder resp. directory on your webspace with the secure server sided .htaccess password protection in only some seconds. Just select the directory you want to protect and the w3easyProtect script will create the .htaccess file and the .htpasswd file with a crypted passphrase to password protect the folder against access from outside the server.

directory protection With the folder selector you select the directory you want to protect, then you choose your username and a password and check the 'protect' button before submitting the form.

If specified in the settings as recommended, there is an overwrite protection, so that you cannot overwrite existing .htaccess files or password files accidentally.

If necessary you may also use the script to edit the .htaccess file or other files on your webspace. However generally we recommend the w3easyEditor or the w3easyAdmin tool to edit or handle files and folders more convenient.

The w3easyProtect configuration is comfortably administered online.

If you wants to change your password or need more passwords for additional users, you may easily generate them with the w3easyPWG online password generator.

Unfortunately there was a mistake in the manual concerning how to chmod the files and folders. It is corrected now. This is how it works generally: To make a file writable, chmod the file to 664 or even 666, to make a folder writable, chmod the folder to 775 or even 777.

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Jijo Jose
2013-08-27, 08:35:10
Download link?

admin w3easy
2012-01-27, 14:12:51
@Boavi: Go to the page 'Get it' (see navigation menu above) and read the 'Free Scripts' chapter carefully and 'til the very end!

2012-01-27, 13:08:35
I would like to try it, it seems very good. But I can't find the download link... Where is it?

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