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Last update: 2013-08-15


Do it your way!

The w3easy content management system is ment to be a simple, modular, flexible and independant basic framework for your smaller website. Separated in functionality, design and content, organized in a clear comprehensible structure and written in pure php code it gives the developer complete control over the site and the webmaster a maximum of freedom and possibilities.

w3easyCMS Backend The w3easyCMS requires nothing more than PHP supported webspace, basically there is no database needed, except you choose to integrate an application that needs a database.
Beneath the core engine and configuration files, a flexible default template providing a range of various layouts and a horizontal or vertical navigation menu, the w3easyCMS consists of a bunch of w3easyTools providing the basic features plus some handpicked extern open source or creative commons applications to meet the more advanced requirements concerning usage, functionality and appearance.

The modular build and the readyness to integrate independent resp. standalone modules lets you easily extend the possibilities by adding or interchanging applications as well as expand the functionality or redefine the design to your pleasure.
That way the w3easyCMS allows you to set up your site almost without any restrictions, but indeed enables you to 'do it your way'.

Have a look at the features of the w3easyCMS

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