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Believe it or not,  there is a life beyond web design and web developement.
F.e. sometimes you have to set up an operating system for your pc.

Few days ago I purchased a nice black netbook (indeed, it's not a tablet !!!).
I always reformat the harddisk of a new pc to establish the operation system from the scratch and under my thumb. For a netbook has no cd drive, I needed a tool to create a bootable SD card.
The most easy going tool I found was Rufus, indeed a small (and portable!!!) utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, sd cards etc.

Another smart tool to create bootable, even multi-bootable live discs as for installing operating systems as f.e. running antivirus rescue live cd's is Sardu. With this tool I created a monster dvd including lots of rescue discs, the UBUNTU 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin release and last but not least the famous Hiren's Boot CD with a live XP OS!
Btw: Oops - the Hiren's Boot CD site must have been relaunched lately...???
No, it was not. But this is the original Hiren's site.

A convenient way to test your ISO resp. Live-CD provides mobatec with the MobaLiveCD emulator based on 'Qemu'.

Hmmm... up to now there was no time to test the sd cards. First this cms has to be released...
Let's pray that it will work anyway! I'll tell you some day...


Well ok, the netbook setup preparing a multiboot structure has been done meanwhile. Two more tools have been quite helpful: Your Universal Multiboot Installer (YUMI) and XBoot. And - yes, I have to admit - above all I also used an external optical drive to feel good and save while installing the operating system. It is Windows 7 now. One day I'd like to add Ubuntu as an alternative operating system.
Within an exciting 'open-heart' operation I also upgraded the RAM from 1 GB to 2...

Another great application  I came across some days ago - we are talking about web applications now - is colorbox. It is not only yet another lightbox, but it provides more possibilities, f.e. you can "enlighten" also flash videos (YouTube) and iframes. I already used colorbox on my recently relaunched games site (try the image in the middle) and surely will use it again.


Just a mental note: Some days ago I came across 2 promising statistic tools working without a database: bbclone and the lightweight CrazyStats. Not, that I am not satified with the PHP Web Stats I am currently using and not, that there would be time to play around at the moment and not, that I already touched them. I only had a quick look at them. But maybe one day... one never knows...

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