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Up to now, that is to say in 2010 - 2012, I focused on building up the basic structure and core functionalities of the w3easyCMS plus on developing a good bunch of w3easyTools to provide a reasonable amount of applications that are needed to set up and run smaller websites. Apart from the ambition, that there are some more basic scripts to come, f.e. the w3easyNewsletter and the w3easySSearch plus some minor scripts or functions if needed, this goal is almost reached now: The w3easyCMS basic structure and core functions seem stable, the w3easyTools work steadily and prove their value in a (slow, but step by step... ;) growing number of installations.

For even as a developer you cannot live on fresh air and love alone, in 2013 I will have to focus more on my profession as a webdesigner, that is building up clients websites for money. This means, that there will be less time to tinker just for fun on the w3easy project. But whenever there is a chance, I'd like to put my efforts in enhancing the usability of the w3easyCMS for the average webmaster or editor. Because of so far the w3easyCMS seems to be primarily a content management system for experienced developers or designers, easy for experts to set up an installation or to customize the design, but maybe not that easy to administer and handle for the everyday user.

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