developer's log

I adjusted the w3easy scripts so they should operate now both with magic quotes off as with magic quotes on. But I didn't test the scripts accurately so far - therefore use them carefully and tell me, if you find any bugs.
The w3easy cms download remains paused until the next stable version - presumably 0.07 or 0.08 - is complete. This will take some time...

Due to the (announced) changes in PHP 5.4 concerning the removal of Magic Quotes all our sripts have to be adjusted or checked. Please note, that up to now most of the w3easy scripts solely operated properly under the condition that Magic Quotes were enabled. Now we have to work them over.
All downloads are paused until further notice.

There was a small update concerning the w3easy directory protection script. Now we use the default php crypt function to generate the hashed password string.

We improved the navigation function. Now a triangle in a menu link indicates, that there are more chapters hidden in the depths of this category.
Well, not a big thing, and it was high time to add this feature. But they really look nice, those cheeky green triangles, don't they...;-?

You need an encrypted password to protect any web folder on your server with the secure server sided .htaccess directory protection method? Try our new online password generator "w3easyPWG".

Last edit: 2012-08-06 ⊗ 15:11

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