famous first words

Now that the site is online since 4 months it should be high time for some famous last first words.

admin Well, this project was started because I love coding, wanted to learn and like the idea to build up things from the scratch. Thus I made some basic modules, simple but working. Spending a lot time and work on it (certainly a multiple of what an experienced programmer would have needed), the modules became more featured. Why not share? If the w3easy tools work fine for me, maybe they will work fine for you, too...

Meanwhile my ambitions had grown and eventually the idea of a clear, modular and solid cms, the w3easy cms project, was born. The first version has already made neatly progress. Not yet complete, still a lot to do, not optimal in each aspect and presumably not that easy as it should be for beginners but independent and accessible and last but not least working to some degree.

As it is my philosopy, that way the w3easy cms is ment for those, who are not satisfied with the 'it's perfect - don't touch it' - mentality, but want to explore, participate and contribute even if their hands might get dirty at times.

That's it. Let's get to work...
(or call it a day maybe?...;)

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