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2011-12-24 (almost ;)
Well, its Xmas.
Finally you may get lazy!
Or you have a look at the download page. We just published the new w3easy comment script.
Merry Xmas!

The w3easyCMS and the current w3easyTools are almost complete. Now we test, correct and finish them and write the manuals. But this needs some time, thus the CMS will not be released until January or February 2012.

Now that the site is online since 4 months it should be high time for some famous last first words.
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backup script Today we released for the first time some w3easyTools: The w3easyBackup module, the w3easyNews module and the w3easyProtect module. All still in beta version and lizensed under the GPL.
Have fun!

Some nag about our design. But what design? There isn't any... However - finally we have a nice logo now, the w3easyCats. They care for quality control...

Not yet a relaunch, but we added some modules and pages. The w3easyAdmin tool is introduced, but have a closer look also at the news module and the folder protection module, if you like...
Btw: Bit by bit it becomes more fun to handle the site...

Today we established the w3easy project site on facebook. There is nothing remarkable displayed so far. We still work on it...

Here we are again!
Finally and with the help of a great script we found in the www the breakthrough concerning the backup module has come. A basic version is already produced. I'll tell you more about it soon. But first I'm going to sleep some days...;)
[Update 2011-11-08]
look » here.

Due to clients orders the developement is paused for a while. But no doubt we'll care about our baby soon again...!

Time to present some of the external modules we recommend. The w3easy cms is resp. will be prepared to integrate them.

The w3easyEditor is now [quite] ready to use, so we published it's page. With the editor also the news module is operated.
[Update 2011-10-14]
To handle the news administration more comfortable, there soon will be an independant, standalone news module.

Here comes the default template with some variants and the navigation, that you may put either on top of the site or in one of the sidebars.

Test version of our new php comment script added.
More important: We have also a nice logo now! As you can see we like all colours...

Site is online since 30 sec.
Up to now there is only a project description and a contact form. But we will grow...;)

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