w3easyCMS 0.05 (alpha version) released

Time to get productive: Thus today we released the w3easyCMS as an alpha version.

There are always some ideas to improve one thing or to correct another. But this is a never ending story, so we have to come to terms with the fact, that nothing is perfect, but nevertheless marks have to be set and things to be done.

To set up this alpha version is definitely not a beginners business.
The documentation resp. the manual is surely not without a spot nor complete and the w3easyToolbox script still lacks the function to edit the configuration and create tool links comfortably. But this you may do as well with the w3easyEditor. The styles for the forms in the multimedia files have to be worked over occasionally, too. Most likely you'll find other things that have to be corrected or added.

The following weeks I have to focus on other tasks so that there will be little or even no time to go on with the w3easy project developement. Thus I don't want to make those wait any longer, who might be interested in trying, testing or using the w3easyCMS or even already use it, and therefore we now provide the material and information that is prepared and available to deal with the w3easyCMS.

The download link you can find in the newly installed help and information forum (but as a registered user only). Also questions, remarks or discussions about the w3easyCMS and the w3easyTools should be posted there to get noticed.

Have fun and take it easy...

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