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Some hundred years ago websites were build and edited offline on a PC's harddisk. Only when the site was ready and it's pages up to date it was published by uploading the files and folders to the server. That way you always had a copy of your site on your PC resp. in fact your website on the server was a copy of the original site on your PC.

backup script But these times are over. Today you upload a naked CMS without any content to the server and only then you specify your settings, create pages and write unique content (hopefully...;). But what, if the server crashes or gets hacked? All your work is lost, if you have not saved a copy to another place. Therefore a backup functionality is of elementary urgency for a modern site.

With the w3easy file backup script you can easily store your smaller website or alternatively the files and folders that you have selected in the settings to a .zip compressed backup file. This file can be stored in a backup folder on your server and can also be sent as mail attachment to a mail account of your choice. In this case the backup file can even be deleted automatically from the server, if you select this option.

Please note: The script is not recommended for larger sites or to save multimedia files or large images. (Yes, I know: 'Large' is relative... ;)

To have a good overview of all the files on your server there is a fíle and folder viewer integrated, that lets you crawl around your server to help you make the right decision about the files and folders you want to backup. Once the settings are done, it just needs two clicks to backup your valuable content and even the scripts or whatever.

I have to admit, that the major part of the script is written by Vikas Patial who used a 'class to dynamically create a zip file (archive)' by Rochak Chauhan and a 'MySQL database backup class' by Vagharshak Tozalakyan, all licensed under the GPL. I added the functionality to backup also the root files that was not implemented so far and coded a 'GUI' for the nice tool.

We are very happy to be able to provide this backup script as a part of the w3easyCMS or as one of the w3easyTools for anybody who might need it...

Btw: The same backup functionality you can find in the w3easyAdmin tool, too, but I wanted to release it also separately for some reasons.

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2014-12-18, 14:06:42
I have liked you on fb but download link doesn't appears?

2014-08-28, 07:29:42

2014-06-04, 15:52:23
There is no new fb- 'like' for w3easy today. Try again or register to the w3easyforums to download the scripts.

2014-06-03, 13:44:24
I've liked you on facebook but no download appears.
Is there another way to download the scripts ?

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2014-02-03, 05:18:12
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2012-09-17, 10:21:21
Look here: http://w3easy.org/download/download-free-scripts.php

2012-09-17, 08:31:02
Where's the file? I would like to test it if I can get over php time & mem limitation.

James Bond
2012-08-23, 15:31:57
file backup script

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