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Web File Manager, Code and Wysiwyg Editor, Backup Script and more

The w3easyEditor, the former default editor of the w3easyCMS, has grown to an admin tool that handles multiple tasks. The w3easyAdmin is still an editor with all the editing options the w3easyEditor already provides, and it is still a file and folder manager, does uploads or chmod files. (You can read more about the editing and handling functions on the w3easyEditor's page.)

w3easyAdmin But now we added some more features:

To increase your comfort we installed an option to switch the editor into an online WYSIWYG editor. To provide this feature the external Open Source CKEditor was implemented. The CKEditor is one of the most respected online editors and lets you build your HTML without knowing anything about the code. You just write your text, the CKEditor will translate it to HTML. (But please never ever edit a page that contains code with the wysiwyg functionality. I'm quite sure you wouldn't like the result...).

To upload and add images or multimedia files conveniently to your page without leaving the wysiwyg mode, we also integrated the KCFinder web file manager to the CKEditor module.
You can use the KCFinder also separately.

For - depending on your server settings - in some cases it is not permitted to create or edit particular files with a php driven script, we integrated the PHFTP online ftp manager. This application lets you manage the files on your server easily (f.e. change file permissions), no matter from which pc you access your site.

To be able to store sensible data secure on your server, we furthermore implemented John Walkers JavaScrypt tool, a browser- based text encryption tool.

Moreover we added a backup functionality to the script. With this function you can save selected folders  and files in a zipped backup file. The backup functionality, that is mainly based on a script by Vikas Patial (we just added a functionality to backup the root files and set up the GUI), you can use also in the w3easyBackup module. Read more about the backup functionality on the w3easyBackup page.

Btw: Finally I also changed the styles to the corporate w3easy design...;)

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