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Last update: 2013-08-15


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w3easy.org cms project

clear - modular - solid

Welcome to the w3easy.org cms project!

You shouldn't be too much surprised, if I tell you, that the term 'cms' stands for content management system. Maybe it is more interesting, that it also stands for clear, modular and solid.

This is what we expect of a free, open source cms for small sites and this way we like the basic aministration tools. We believe there is no reason to be ashamed of a template, that consists of one single file. We prefer modules and scripts, that are flexible to use them in a lot of frameworks or even standalone. Updates should be done only if they come with a significant common advance. There are many good reasons for improvement, but a clear view around the things you deal with all day is not half bad, too.

The w3easyCMS and the w3easyTools are intended to be a solid framework and toolbox as for the self made webmaster as for the ambitious spare time programmer. They are also an offer and a stable base to the needs of the webdesigner, easy to customize and disposed to accomodate advanced external modules as well as your own templates or scripts and also the fancy app you just discovered in your favourite open source repository.

Oh... I almost forgot about it: There is no database required ;).

Have fun and take it easy...;)

Last edit: 2013-11-15 ⊗ 08:51

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